Dr. Jay Knoller


On April 12, 2004, the State Of Florida issued an "Emergency Restriction of License" after Dr. Jay Knoller prescribed 1,630 Percocet tablets over a period of seven months for purposes unrelated to the practice of dentistry. These prescriptions were written and filled in his mother's, wife's and mother in-law's names, without their knowledge or consent. The document linked at the bottom of this page further states that, because of the high likelihood for abuse and harm, Dr. Jay Knoller demonstrates a complete lack of judgment and moral character.

Although not stated in the document, Dr. Jay Knoller was subsequently forced into substance abuse rehab, and is now required to undergo random drug testing. Given the high quantity of Percocet tablets that he prescribed over a comparatively short period of time, it is logical to conclude that he likely practiced dentistry while under the influence of narcotics. My family and I are no longer patients of his, and are amazed that he is still permitted to practice dentistry!

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